Aaron Sewell: Teacher for

Iowa House District 42 (HD 42)

Endorsed by:

  • Former HD42 Representative Libby Jacobs

  • Warren County Supervisor Aaron DeKock

  • Former City of West Des Moines Councilman Jim Sandager

  • Former City of West Des Moines Councilman John Mickelson

  • Former City of West Des Moines Councilman Rick Messerschmidt

Aaron is running for state representative because of how much he loves his community and his state. Aaron's experiences as an educator gives him insight into how important schools are when it comes to having strong communities and how high quality schools that invest in students and support teachers make us stronger as a state.

As a current member of the City of West Des Moines Parks and Recreation Commission, Aaron understands how strong quality of life facilities and features help create safe, strong, caring communities. Our parks, trails, and waters contribute a lot to our lives and we need to take care of them. Being an active leader in the community he knows how important it is to stay connected with citizens, understanding their concerns, and respecting the diversity of experiences and perspectives.

As a caring teacher with Iowa values, Aaron will be there for every person in need and will represent Iowans, not special interest or party agendas.

House District 42 Map

Polk County: West Des Moines Bloomfield Township.
Warren County: West Des Moines, Cumming, Linn Township.

Salus Populi Surprema Lex Esto

Let the welfare of the people be supreme law.